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“Please do not call the FMIS Technical Support phone line for CARES and Hardship Assistance information”



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**Pursuant to Executive Order No. 001-20

**Questions pertaining to Navajo Nation Office of the Controller operations, please refer to NNOOC website and call respective sections.


Fiscal Year 2021 Year-End Closing Timeline
FMIS/HRIS Security Statement

Vision Statement


Diné Bibéeso baa áháyą́ 
(Commitment to the Navajo Nation’s Fiscal Responsibilities)


Mission Statement

The Office of the Controller’s mission is to provide quality service to its customers with integrity and accountability through compliance and transparency


The Navajo Nation Financial Fraud Hotline

Accepts tips and complaints from all sources about potential fiscal fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in Navajo Nation programs. Your information will be reviewed promptly by a professional staff member.  

Please include the Person(s) involved, the Program name, what the Fraud was about, where did it happen, a Date or Time.  The more details you can give us, the better we can investigate the potential fraud.

All Navajo Nation and contract employees have a responsibility to assist in combating fraud, waste, and abuse in all departmental programs. As such, you are encouraged to report matters involving fraud, waste and mismanagement in any Navajo Nation program(s) to the Hotline and email provided.

a.      Phone number is 1-844-747-2767 "Please do not call the Fraud Hotline for CARES and Hardship Assistance information"

b.      Email address is fraudline@nnooc.org

All calls/emails will be treated confidentially.  Thank you.

Memorandum Dated:  May 17, 2018

The 6B Rollout for Procurement is open to all Divisions/Departments to enroll.  We would need individuals and division directors to take Procurement, to learn how to enter/approve their own online orders.  We will be moving away from paper Purchase Requisitions. Please sign up asap with your Division Training Coordinators. 
Thank you.

The Office of the Controller has set up the two computers in the lobby for programs to check /enter their items into FMIS.

Divisions need to encourage their staff to get FMIS access thru their assigned Division Coordinator.

Please assist our office, now is your chance to look up payments, check payment status, etc.

This will eliminate calling/waiting and will allow you to look directly into the system.  Thank you.

Memorandum - The Navajo Nation P-Card Policies and Procedures Manual
Memorandum - The Navajo Nation Travel Policies and Procedures Manual
Memorandum - Timeline Schedule for all Active New Mexico Capital Projects and other Grants expiring June 30, 2019
Worker's Compensation Program -Report of Injury forms
Memorandum -Personal Action Forms for Terminated Employees
Public Hearings on $554 Million Mismanagement Trust Settlement with US
  Chinle Agency:
  Crownpoint Agency:
NN External Funds Report Update 07/26/21
Training for Common Foundation and Inquiry is now available On-Line.  Go to the FMIS Training page and see how to get registered.
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