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Credit Service Department
P.O. Box 2405
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928.871.6749
Fax: 928.871.6008

IN PERSON: Administration Building. 1
2559 Tribal Hill Dr.
Window Rock, AZ


Provide Regular Personal, Home, and Special Personal Loans, to qualified individuals who demonstrate credit worthiness with the ability to repay the loan in accordance with the loan terms.


The Program shall be administered pursuant to the Operating Policies and Guidelines, and all applicable laws. The Department shall consider the Applicant's credit worthiness, credit risk, employment, and past loan repayment history in making credit decisions.

Ethical Certification

In order to avoid the appearance of undue influence and conflict of interest, loan applications from current or former appointed or elected officials, Judges of the Navajo Nation, and Department staff, shall include a notarized Ethical Certification form attesting that no special consideration will be requested, in accordance with the Navajo Ethics in Government Law.

Personal Loan Program

The Program extends Personal Loans to qualified Navajo individual(s) who demonstrate creditworthiness and the ability to repay the loan. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

LOAN AMOUNTS: *$7,000.00 Maximum Loan *$500.00 Minimum

INTEREST RATES: All loans are simple interest loans financed at a fixed rate (10%).

DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: Applicant’s debt to income ratio shall not exceed fifty percent (50%).

LOAN FEE: $65.00 All borrowers will pay a closing fee of $65.00 and is financed with the loan fee


Home Loan Program
Types of Home Loans
  • New Home Construction
  • New Manufactured Home
  • Home Improvement
  • Refinancing of an Existing Home
  • Purchase of Existing Site Built Home

The Interest rate is base on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate also will be based on your credit score.

Holiday Loan Program

Processing Time
Online – 1-3 business days | ACH – up to 5 business days | Credit Card – 1-3 business days
To avoid late fees, please consider the processing time.



Geraldine Casuse, Delegated Credit Manager

Serena Castillo, Office Specialist


Vacant, Accountant


Elvina Harry, Loan Officer

Leslie Dohi, Loan Processor


Lupita White, Collection Officer

Raeytashas Spencer, Collection Officer

IN PERSON: Administration Building. 1
2559 Tribal Hill Dr.
Window Rock, AZ

  • Enrolled members of the Navajo Nation , or a full-time Navajo Nation Employee.
  • Eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Married applicants, including spouse in common law marriage, shall apply jointly. One partner to the marriage must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation or a Navajo Nation employee meeting requirements.
  • Applicants shall be:
  • Proving current employment ,full-time for two (2) years or more; or Applicant(s) must provide documentation proving receipt of a fixed income, i.e., Social Security, pension, or other fixed benefit.
  • Mandatory payroll deductions through the Navajo Nation or other entities shall be used to guarantee the repayment of the loan. If a payroll deduction is not available the Borrower shall secure a qualified Cosigner who is employed with the Navajo Nation or a Navajo Nation entity who meets all requirements.
  • Loan Application Requirements, shall be met before any loan is recommended for approval. The Loan Officer, with the concurrence of the Credit Manager or designee, shall have the authority to qualify or disqualify any application.

No application will be recommended for approval by the Department or designee, until it is determined that the Applicant(s) is eligible under the Navajo Business and Procurement Act.

Application process
  • Loan requests shall be made on the Department’s Personal/Special Loan Application and completed in accordance with the Application Requirement Checklist.
  • The Department will not accept any incomplete applications. If an application is incomplete, it will be returned to the Applicant(s). Completed applications will be referred to the Loan Officer for further evaluation. The Loan Officer or designee may request additional documentation to support the evaluation of any loan application.
  • All monthly household living expenses (food, utilities, transportation, insurance payments, childcare, etc.) shall be included in the loan application and shall be accurate. All monthly financial debts and obligations (vehicle payments, credit cards, installment payments, finance companies, etc.) shall be disclosed on the loan application.
  •  The Loan Officer, or designee, will ensure that the Application is supported by all the required documentation as outlined on the Loan Application Requirement Checklist.
  •  Any false information or knowing concealment of material facts made with respect to the loan Application shall be grounds for ineligibility, and will prohibit the Applicant(s) from reapplying for six (6) months.