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FMIS UPK On-Line Training

Choose either Chrome, or the New Edge Browser (Chromium-based version) and not IE (IT support staff: ensure the users browser settings are set to enable synchronous XHR requests in page dismissal). In the URL bar enter the following training webpage:

Contact your Training Coordinators to get yourself registered. 

Once you are registered with your training coordinator, an email will be sent to you from the FMIS section with your Username and Password.

Below are some instructions on how to access the online training.


This one-page instruction sheet can be used as a quick reference guide to assist you with logging on and navigating your way through the training.

This multiple page instruction gives you more details of how to log on and shows you how to navigate your way through the training.

6B Training Manual
Common Foundation
Understanding the basics for FMIS
  • Enterprise One Menus
  • Application User Interface
  • Working with the Grid
  • Running Reports
  • Hot Keys
  • Data Browser
  • Exam
  • Trial Balance Ledger Comparison
  • Account Ledger Inquiry
  • Budget & Job Status Reports
  • Payment & Open Order Inquiries
  • Other Reports
  • Exam
Training Coordinators

The Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Attend designated FMIS meetings and work sessions
  • Distribute communications within their Branch or Division
  • Monitor and complete designated work assignments
  • Monitor and facilitate FMIS training
Division/ProgramCoordinator Name Phone NumberE-Mail Address
General Services - DGSMarcus A,
Social Services - DSSBrenda
Tax Commission - OTCLarieta L
Attorney General - OAGBarbara
Public Safety - DPSDelores
Education - DOEAlisha
Community Development - DCDLeslie
Economic Development - DEDPatrick
Economic Development - DEDTyrone
Human Resources - DHRMelanie Y.
Health - DOHLorraine
Environmental Protection Agency - EPALavern
Executive OfficesDesiree
Natural Resources - DNRBrenda
Legislative - under OOSClarinda
Transportation - DOTGenalle S. Benally(505)
Transportation - DOTAlicia Hale(505)
Office of Management & BudgetErie

**Please contact your FMIS Training Coordinator for scheduling training**