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When your form is completed, signed and dated, bring it to the Payroll Section in Administration Building 1.

Boards and Commission Wage Compensation Form

Payroll Backpay Request form

Instructions for Payroll Backpay Request form

Beneficiary Designation Form

Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Cancellation Form
Completing this form cancels all direct deposit accounts you have set up with the Navajo Nation Payroll section.

Request for Check Copy Form

Request for IRS (W2) Form

Request for Family Emergency Pay Advance Form

Instructions for Completing Overtime Request and Authorization Form

40 Hours – Over Time Form – Request and Authorization
• Administrative Employees will utilize the 40 hour overtime form.
• This form is not for employees engaged in Public Safety or Law Enforcement. Their overtime calculation is based on 80 hours.

80 Hours – Over Time Form – Request and Authorization
• This form is applicable to Public Safety and Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Gaming Regulatory, Rangers, and Corrections employees.
• It excludes administrative staff that work in the above departments. (They should utilize the 40-hour OT form).
• Please use military time to complete time entries.

Authorization for Miscellaneous Deduction form

Signature Authorization form FY’ 23 – for Timesheets, Overtime and Back Pay (Effective October 1, 2022)